Mea Culpa

If you are just discovering Dollation, welcome! You may stop reading now. smiley

If you were a member in the past and were wondering what happened to the website when it went off-line for several months, the answer is we had a hard drive failure. That should not have been an issue since I had been saving backups to a different server, but I had never tested restoring from those backups and, needless to say, I ran into some issues when I tried to do that. The result was we lost about four months of member registrations and content updates. If you are one of the member effected by those losses, I sincerely apologize.

The good news is the damage done motivated me to move the site to a professional hosting service and a managed, virtual private server. I also set up additional nightly backups. I certainly don't want that to happen again. I had almost all of the American Girl section of the Collector's Guide up-to-date and now have to repeat that research and data entry. Or I have to enlist more doll fans to help, which is what I am going to do!

The other good news is that having the site off-line allowed me to do some major changes that would have been difficult to do incrementally while other people were using the site. I have simplified things quite a bit and tried to make everything more intuitive. I removed some features that weren't popular and emphasized some that were, like adding the slideshow of pictures to the home page.

I hope you have fun at Dollation, helping to build the world's best doll Collector's Guide, tracking your personal collection, and sharing pictures with fellow doll lovers! In my busy life, I really enjoy this simple hobby that makes me smile and connects me with so many generous and interesting people. Spread the word! It will be even better if we work together.

Maria (a.k.a. Ruby Dolling)


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