My Kaya finally got some love.

As I described in my Spotlight on Kaya post, I've decided to spend a month at a time giving lots of attention to different dolls in my collection in turn. Last month was Kaya's time in the spotlight.

  • I've double-checked that all her products are documented in the Dollipedia.
  • I've gone through them and added the ones I own to my collection tracker.
  • I've read or re-read all her books.
  • I took her on a visit to the AG store to meet some friends and to do a comparison with a new Kaya (mine was ordered the day she was released so I wanted to see the changes they had made over the years).
  • I used Magic Eraser to take care of a few black marks on her face (though I still need to restring her).
  • I've written reviews for all of her items, added notes about where I got things (when I remembered) and added detailed pictures for each of her products so the Dollipedia has something besides catalog photos for them.

When the snow melts a little I'd like to do some outdoor, more creative shots with Kaya and her animals. She's such a fun doll!

Next on my list is Felicity and Elizabeth. I think I'll take an AG break and spend some time with my Carpatina dolls next, though. (Felicty and Elizabeth's collection is so large it's intimidating.)

What dolls are you playing with these days?


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