Hi! I am new to this site and I am a reborn doll collector. When I was little I collected American Girl dolls, and I have them, but I haven't brushed their hair in like...forever. Now I have reborn dolls: Kyle By Pat Moulton (Matthew) Reese by Andrea Arcello (Reese) Stormy by Donna RuPert (Carter) and Julie By Evelina Wosnjuk (Sophie). I love them all and I am also a very rare breed of collector: I am still in High School. We are going to be going to a doll show soon, and I'm bringing Reese. She is sooo cute, no joke. We're going to be going to a mostly antique doll show in NH, and It going to be me, My mom, and My sister, and Her reborn (my neice) Summer. Thanks for reading!



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Hi, it's nice to have you here! I'll keep my eye open for a teenager carrying a reborn when I go to NH doll shows. :) Your reborns look so real! In photographs I find it hard to tell they're not real babies.

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