New Year's (Doll-Related) Resolutions

Happy New Year!

You know what that means -- New Year's resolutions!!

My "big" doll resolutions for 2013 are:

  1. Buy little.
  2. Play more.
  3. Sell extras.
  4. Extend Dollation.
  5. Promote Dollation.
  6. Track my collection. (<-- This is the big one!)

What are your resolutions? Create a blog post and share them!

I'm going to need strategies to keep these resolutions.

  1. Buy little: The strategy for #1 is pretty straight-forward. To buy little, don't visit the AG store in Natick or go to doll shows except to meet with friends (which is covered by #2 Play more). Only buy from my wishlist which means I need to realistically populate My Wishlist here on Dollation and keep it updated. Only buy things that are a good price (which rules out all of AG's new offerings.) Naturally, eBay is off limits except to sell and to look at alerts sent for items on my wishlist. Finally, I resolve to not buy any more duplicate items that I know I'll have to sell. (This happens when I find a retired AG item for a pittance at a local store or when I buy a lot just to get one coveted item. Leave it there and make someone else's day and wait until the item is available separately. Things always turn up eventually.) Only make exceptions for things if they're a great, great deal and (not and/or) I really, really want it.
  2. Play more: It's strange to need a plan to play more, but my life is busy! My strategy for #2 is to participate in my local doll club, meetup with friends (especially playdates here and at AG Natick), attend at least one doll convention, and set up and photograph scenes and stories that I post in my albums and/or my blog. I'm going to start a "Spotlight On" series of challenges on Dollation to focus and motivate me and to involve friends since doll play is always more fun with friends. I'm going to blog more and take pictures to illustrate the blog posts. My goal is at least one new scene/post per month. In setting up scenes I'm going to try to improve the permanent display for that doll in some way (add wallpaper to a dollhouse room, swap out furniture, craft something, etc.) The UFDC convention at the end of July will be my doll convention.
  3. Sell extras: Selling extras is difficult for me -- it is hard work. Too much clutter makes me enjoy my collection less. I'm going to use Craigslist and "by invitation only" sales to local friends I meet through doll club or the on-line message boards to eliminate the hassle of shipping. (The latter helps #2 also.) Second, I'll donate less collectible stuff to Freecycle or a local charity, hopefully bringing a box to each of my doll club meetings. Third, I'll sell on Dollation, at doll club meetings, on the message boards and/or on eBay but only one or two things at a time. Finally, I'll have a table at (at least) one doll show this year.
  4. Extend Dollation: I've been adding features to Dollation sporadically but I've got a long list of new features to add and improvements to make.  My plan is to spend some time on it almost every day: add a minor feature in the morning (before starting Real (paid) Work) and add a major feature (or two) every weekend. (Go wild on holidays like this last one.) I'll blog (as Ruby) about new features as needed.
  5. Promote Dollation: I haven't been publicizing Dollation because I haven't considered it sufficiently "baked". After this latest round of updates, I declare it ready for the world! I need to send out regular e-newsletters to keep members coming back. I need to write guest blog posts for outside blogs to promote it and I'll try to get groups on various message lists to start projects to populate the Dollipedia for their doll interest.
  6. Track my collection!: This has the nice side-effect of populating the Dollipedia for all the doll stuff I own (which is a lot!). I plan to do this every night while my family is watching TV (I can bring my laptop in and hang out but also do something productive).

So those are my doll-related New Year's resolutions. What are yours?


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