Happy Holidays and What's New!

Happy holidays to all my doll friends! As a Christmas gift to myself I am back to contributing to Dollation after a long hiatus. (Did you miss me?) Some of it was paid, Real World work but I also took over as the website developer/manager for the United Federation of Doll Clubs and several good cause non-profits closer to home. While my doll obsession had to take a back seat temporarily, it is back with a vengeance!

What's New?

Check out the American Girl section of the Dollipedia. I have added all the products for every Girl of the Year, at least until Saige is officially announced in a few weeks. I'm making good progress on the Historical Characters products and then I'll tackle the My American Girl line. Please join me! Adding Products to the Dollipedia is a great way to get started at Dollation and, once they are there, everyone can use the "I own this" links at the bottom to track those items in their collection. Many people will have a little extra time around the holidays so take a few hours to help build the Dollipedia and earn some dolly karma!

While I was expanding that section, I also changed the layout somewhat to make it easier to navigate and added extra links to jump around. I'll be doing more of that as I go (suggestions welcome).

Also check out the new Handbook pages in the Help section. Anyone can help edit those, too! I've been trying to add hints and tips as I think of things while using the site.

Finally, I did a system upgrade to the latest versions of everything and that broke the Events Calendar in the Directory section. I should have that fixed in a few days if I can get myself to stop having fun filling in American Girl products and get geeky. (None of the events will have been lost.) [Fixed!]

Welcome New Folks!

There are too many new folks to mention but I wanted to say a general welcome. We have 127 members and 84 who have actually posted something. That's a good start. New members, make sure you check out crazyquilter's albums, particularly her American Girl Mini Dolls album -- it's a real treat! Dawn has completely documented the AG Mini Doll lines in the Dollipedia (including the 25th Birthday special ones) and her pictures of the dolls in her collection really bring those pages to life! Check out the mini replicas she's made of the big doll outfits and their accessories -- they're perfection.

Thanks to everyone for sharing doll fun with me and here's hoping there are lots of new dolls and delights for everyone this holiday season!

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It's great to have you back posting here, Maria!  Thanks for the nice things  you said about my minis.


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I love all of your doll photos, Dawn! The one of mini Caroline with her dolly was particularly cute.

So, do you have all of your dolls added to your My Collection page yet? It's going to take me a while -- I'm overrun with dolls!!

~ Your friendly code geek.

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