Almost there! (New server) is back and is up and running on its new server! In celebration, we've decided to consider the site in official beta test phase. (Woo hoo!)

Besides being more reliable, this new server allows us to upload huge pictures and to have the site itself scale them down to a reasonable size. This makes adding pictures to albums and the Dollipedia a lot easier and more fun. 

What isn't working quite correctly is sending email from the site. This means that new registrations may not get their confirmation emails and the Contact Us form and peoples' personal Contact tabs may not work. I'm still working out the configuration issues there, but this shouldn't hold you back from contributing to the site or even registering if you're new.

A big shout out to our top ten most active contributors and testers (not incuding Maria and Ruby):

Thanks!! We couldn't do this without you.

Happy Dolling,

Maria and Ruby

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Good news! The mail issue was finally addressed so we are good to go. Sorry to those of you who noticed that Dollation went into mainentance mode for a while -- our Internet Service Provider was slow getting around to configuring the name server correctly, so emails coming from Dollation were getting us blacklisted by various other ISPs. Gheesh! We had to turn off new registrations to keep that from happening.

But Dollation is up for good now. Back to our regularly scheduled dolling.

~ Your friendly code geek.

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That is good news!  Now to promote!  I haven't done much on the site as our DSL was out.  Dial-up is sooooo slowwww. We finally got the DSL back last night.

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