I have a lot of dolls!

I am having a wonderful time adding my dolls to Dollation! When I should be working on the "mechanics" of making the website better (like making those pesky 500 Internal Server Errors go away [Edited to add, they should be gone, yay!]), instead I'm uploading new pictures of my favorite dolls and researching the brands and companies behind them to share in the Dollipedia. Dolls are fun! Sharing dolls is even more fun!

I'm finding that Dollation is really flexible about how to organize what I share. So flexible that I need a plan to do get it done. So, here's my strategy:

  1. I've created an album called Maria's Doll House where I am organizing child albums for each floor and room in my house where I have dolls. The big dollhouse in the basement will have its own child album with further child albums for each dollhouse room.
  2. After sprucing up the dolls in the display, I'm taking a quick snapshot of each grouping which I'll add to the appropriate album for where the display is. Since I don't keep any dolls in storage (except the ones I plan to sell), when I'm done, I'll have a picture of each of my dolls in the setting where they are kept. (Wearing whatever they happen to be wearing at the moment.)
  3. For each group picture, I'm listing "Items from My Collection that are in this picture". This will create the item in the My Collection list if it doesn't exist already.
  4. Next I'm going to the "Unidentified" tab in Our Dolls / My Collection and adding the information I remember about each of my dolls, like their company/brand, when I got them, my best pictures of that individual doll/thing, etc. As I do this, if the companies/brands/products aren't already in the Dollipedia, they'll be automatically added.
  5. Next, I'll go into the Dollipedia and add information I discover about the brands/companies/products of the dolls in my collection.

That's my plan! In the future, I'll probably make another (nested) album where I organize my doll pictures by company/brand. I plan to call this album "Meet Maria's Dolls" and, for this one, I plan to dress each doll in her original outfit, or the one I think of as the "meet" outfit for her character, and take individual portrait pictures.

After that, I'll also add albums for the different picture stories I've done over the years, like Ann Estelle's Wedding and The Gingerbread Man.

So, this is my strategy. The neat thing about Dollation is that you can add to it lots of different ways. For instance, you can ignore Albums and just add items to your My Collection list. Or you can ignore your collection and just add information you've gathered to the Dollipedia. Since everything is linked together, it can grow organically.

What strategy would be the most fun for you? Add a comment and share!


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I'd love to add something without a CRASH! happening. so far this is 3 times if this one works that I have been able to put something here with out the big noise (see above) it is fun to see the site taking shape.  I have been looking at the older doll area as being one which needs additions. So many companies have been absorbed by others that their history is fairly well lost.

I know Beth's site an Crissy still has holes and she has Crissy Collectors form all over the world helping her. Has anyone looked into American Character dolls? I don't see several other older brands that no-longer exist but their dolls do. Vogue dolls is back after a murky period of I don't know who owned them. What about the small companies that start and produce a few dolls and disappear?  I'm thinking specifically of companies like "Happy to be Me" and "Foundations for Girls." Both of these firms spent money creating molds and making dolls, many of which are still around but no documentation is here.  we need to think about the whole doll community as we go.

By the way I love your doll house idea for your collection. I'm going to think som more before I start putting my girls and Guys in place I need to figure out how they really group. I'm glad you provided for stories. I have several of those I want to put up.

Thanks for all your hard work Maria!

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I certainly agree with you.  One of the two reasons I take a doll to work each day is so that others can see her and appreciate how her cute outfit accentuates her beauty.  The other reason is that by taking four dolls per week to the office, at least four of them get changed each week.  Cycling through all my dolls means they will each go to the office at least twice a year...


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That's a neat project, Taffy! I would love to see an album that has just the close up (face and shoulders, like your avatar) of all your dolls. You have such a neat assortment. I'd love to know how you created them in the case of your customs, like, "Jane is a rewigged Heidi Ott Faithful Friends Hannah with a Gotz Precious Day body. Freckles by Holly Miner." (I'm making that up, obviously, since I don't know the names of your dolls.)

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