Blog Posts for December 2011

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And what is this?!

Well, yes, it is the handsome JAG, but he is holding in his hands the parts for the new Dollation server! Yes, we are finally going to go beyond the constraints of our current VPS (Virtual Private Server) and have our own, dedicated server. Merry Christmas, Ruby! Read more about Server!!!

A Note On Citing Sources

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These guidelines will become part of the Member Agreement, but I thought I'd share them here first since that document is not yet done. Read more about A Note On Citing Sources

I have a lot of dolls!

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I am having a wonderful time adding my dolls to Dollation! When I should be working on the "mechanics" of making the website better (like making those pesky 500 Internal Server Errors go away [Edited to add, they should be gone, yay!]), instead I'm uploading new pictures of my favorite dolls and researching the brands and companies behind them to share in the Dollipedia. Dolls are fun! Sharing dolls is even more fun! Read more about I have a lot of dolls!