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Mea Culpa

Type: Blog post, 0 comments

If you are just discovering Dollation, welcome! You may stop reading now. smiley Read more about Mea Culpa

Happy Holidays and What's New!

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Almost there! (New server)

Type: Blog post, 2 comments is back and is up and running on its new server! In celebration, we've decided to consider the site in official beta test phase. (Woo hoo!)

Besides being more reliable, this new server allows us to upload huge pictures and to have the site itself scale them down to a reasonable size. This makes adding pictures to albums and the Dollipedia a lot easier and more fun.  Read more about Almost there! (New server)

A Note On Citing Sources

Type: Blog post, 8 comments

These guidelines will become part of the Member Agreement, but I thought I'd share them here first since that document is not yet done. Read more about A Note On Citing Sources

The Trouble with Links

Type: Blog post, 4 comments

Hello, most wonderful testers! I'm very happy to see you taking up the challenge and adding content to Dollation. It's exciting to see new things being added and distracting because I want to follow every link and learn about each new doll that is shared. smiley Read more about The Trouble with Links

Of Pictures and Privacy

Type: Blog post, 1 comment

Pictures on are problematic for a number of reasons. This blog post is an effort to organize my thoughts around the issues so I can make the right design decisions. Read more about Of Pictures and Privacy

A Challenge for Testers!

Type: Blog post, 6 comments

Hi, Testers! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me get in shape so that it can be opened up to more people. I would really like to have it go on-line before the holidays since many people get interested in dolls around then. Read more about A Challenge for Testers!

We're on-line!

Type: Blog post, 5 comments

If you're reading this, you're one of the few who have been given special access to Dollation. (Everyone will get a "Site off-line" message when they visit and only specially-invited people may log in.) At this point we are in "pre-alpha test phase" which means things are actively under development, probably unstable, and will be changing right and left!

Read more about We're on-line!