Historical Fiction

Read All About It!: A Kit Classic 1

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Kit Kittredge has a nose for news, but having to give up her bedroom and move to the attic isn’t the best news she has ever heard! How will Kit make the most of her new location? Then, with chores piling up, Kit starts to feel a little grumbly, but she soon realizes just how fortunate her family really is. She even comes up with an idea to help her family earn more money. And helping her uncle makes it possible for Kit to save a little money, too. Will Kit’s savings be enough to pay for something important?

Flower Girl Friends

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A spring story.

Friends on Ice

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A winter story.

Meet the Friends

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An autumn story.

The Finders Keepers Rule: A Maryellen Mystery

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Maryellen takes a break from practicing for the big "Rock Around the Clock" holiday dance to go to the beach with her friend Davy. While playing in the waves, they find a barnacle-encrusted ring buried in the sand. They imagine that it's lost treasure from a sunken ship. But why do other people seem desperate to get the ring?


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