Maryellen's Wardrobe - Cherry Pie

maryellen larkin
american girl

I actually got this a few years back, when my collection was all moddies. A shop I liked had a bunch of stuff up and this was one, and since I love cherry prints, I went for it. But it never really looked right on any of my moddies, so I just hung it up and it went largely unused.


I remembered it existed earlier this week and went "Huh, I bet that'll look GREAT on Maryellen."

And lo, it did. And there was much rejoicing. 

Made by Camelot's Treasures from a Pixie Faire pattern, with Maryellen's Crinoline underneath and wearing Kit's BeForever Meet Shoes

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Wow! The black and deep red look stunning on Maryellen. I hope AG notices and starts broadening the color palette for her and for all the BeForever dolls.

~ Your friendly code geek.

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@JustMagicMaria - Thank you! I'd love it if they did, but it seems like they intend to stick to this "color theme" thing for the BeForever girls, which sucks in Ellie's case because so far she looks good in everything I've put her in.

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