Reyna and the Jade Star

Author(s): Robin K. Levinson
(1175) Twelve-year-old Reyna Li isn't psychic, although sometimes it seems that way. She has an uncanny ability to see people's hearts through their body language. Reyna's gift has helped her father, Yehuda - a leader in Old China's Jewish community - become a successful trader, but it has also alienated Reyna from her friends. When the mysterious Mr. Virat makes Yehuda an offer he can't refuse, Reyna's intuition leads her into a daring rescue attempt in the desert hundreds of miles from home. Join Reyna as she discovers and rediscovers herself, the blessings of the mother she never knew, and the true meaning of being Jewish. 75 pages, Softcover, full color illustrations Recommended for ages 7 and up
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Publisher: Gali Girls Inc
Publication date: July 30, 2006
Binding: Paperback,
74 pages
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