Introduction & General Tips

This Handbook is to help Dollation members get the most out of the site as possible. Here are some general tips that apply all over the site.

Tips and Suggestions

  1. Make sure you Register and are Logged in to the site. The form to do so will always be in the right sidebar until you log in. When you are not logged in you are missing important features like tabs to edit pages and links to add items to your collection tracker.
  2. Early on, visit your profile by clicking on your username in the header after logging in. Add information about yourself and your dolls to help other people get to know you. (If you add your Location your marker will show up on the map in the Member Location page.)
  3. Be bold! If you see something missing from anywhere in the site (a doll company you know about, a doll product, or anything else), jump in and add it! If you see mistakes, click on the Edit tab and fix them. (See the Using the Editor handbook page for tips.) Dollation is constantly evolving and getting better because of all of our efforts. Don't worry about messing things up -- if you add something incorrectly, click the Edit tab, scroll to the bottom and Delete it. All content has a Revisions tab and you can always revert to an earlier one. (In some cases you may have to contact Ruby or click the Flag for Admin link and add a comment asking someone else to do this; for instance, you can't delete something you didn't create.)
  4. Cite sources! Don't copy material from other places. Read the Copyright Ownership guidelines closely.
  5. If you get stuck, have a question, or a suggestion, contact Maria.
  6. Have fun!

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