These are doll-related characters that have been created by various doll companies or writers through the years, or that may even be based on real people. Doll company characters, like Addy from American Girl, often have books or movies made about them and have many products that bring the character's world to life. Other characters, like Cinderella or Madeline, were not created to be dolls but have had dolls created for them by many manufacturers over the years.

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Character Name Brand Fictional?sort descending Story Year From Main Character
Gisela ~ Daughter of Charlemagne Medieval Maidens No 790
Laura Ingalls Little House on the Prairie 18-inch Doll Collection No 1877
Azeezah Queens of Africa No
Alexie Prettie Girls Yes
Dawn Starr Model Agency Yes
Maryellen Larkin Mini Dolls, BeForever Yes 1954
The Palms, FL
United States
Alexi Maplelea Girls Yes
Toronto, ON
Cookie N Cream Cherry Merry Muffin Yes
Koby Bratz Yes
Headless Headmistress Bloodgood Monster High Yes
Briana from America Global Friends Yes
Perry Girls & Co Yes
Frostina Sprinkles Novi Stars Yes
United States
Kanani Akina Girl of the Year Yes 2011
United States
Yana Zeenie Yes
Fianna Fins Bratzillaz Yes
Wydowna Spider Monster High Yes
Maggie, the horse rancher Friend to Friend Yes
Apricot Strawberry Shortcake Yes Strawberry Shortcake
Isabella (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Julie Albright BeForever, Mini Dolls Yes 1974
San Francisco, CA
United States
Ivy Ling
Summer Cutie Pops Yes
Gwen Hopscotch Hill School Yes
Hansel McDonald's® Happy Meal® featuring Madame Alexander Storyland Dolls, Wee Patsy Yes Gretel
Marissa Young Detective Amy Elise Yes
Luchia Z. Fashion Royalty Yes
Carlos Descendants Yes
Barbara Betsy McCall™ Collection Yes Betsy McCall, Linda McCall, Sandy McCall
Pearlina Cutie Pops Yes
Raven Queen Ever After High Yes
Bella My London Girl Yes
McKenzie of Oren Oren Village ~ Collector's Series, Oren Village ~ Travel Dolls Yes Aidan of Oren
Chantal The Beatrix Girls Yes
Grace Thomas Girl of the Year Yes 2015
Lulu from Kenya Karito Kids Yes
Kellan Moxie Girlz Yes
Grace Barbie Yes Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts
Clawdeen Wolf Monster High Yes
Cleo De Nile Monster High Yes
Dahlia Prettie Girls Yes
Taylor Starr Model Agency Yes
Apple White Ever After High Yes
Jenna Maplelea Girls Yes
United States
Peach Perfection Cherry Merry Muffin Yes
Fianna Bratz Yes
Hoodude Voodoo Monster High Yes
Ivy Ling BeForever, Mini Dolls Yes 1974
San Francisco, CA
United States
Julie Albright
Rory Girls & Co Yes
Doe A. Deer Novi Stars Yes
United States
Kaya'aton'my BeForever, Mini Dolls Yes 1764
Pacific Northwest,
United States
Zennia Zeenie Yes
Vampelina Bratzillaz Yes
Honey Swamp Monster High Yes
Cherry Cuddler Strawberry Shortcake Yes Strawberry Shortcake
Katie (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Betsy McCall Betsy McCall™ Collection, Robert Tonner Collectibles Yes 1951
Kennedy My Scene Yes
Duchess Swan Ever After High Yes
Gretel McDonald's® Happy Meal® featuring Madame Alexander Storyland Dolls Yes
Haley Young Scientist Amy Elise Yes
Natalia Fatale Fashion Royalty Yes Kyori Sato
Jay Descendants Yes
Sandy McCall Betsy McCall™ Collection Yes
Coletta Cutie Pops Yes
Ken Carson Barbie Yes
Yasmin My London Girl Yes
Sasha Sasha, Sasha Child Yes
Felicia Vi and Va Yes
Nneka Queens of Africa Yes
Piper from Australia Karito Kids Yes
Amberly Moxie Girlz Yes
Ryan Barbie Yes Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts
Clawdia Wolf Monster High Yes Clawdeen Wolf
Kimani Prettie Girls Yes
Toya Starr Model Agency Yes
Ashlynn Ella Ever After High Yes
Léonie Maplelea Girls Yes
Quebec City, QC
Grape Ice Cherry Merry Muffin Yes
Nevra Bratz Yes
Jackson Jekyll Monster High Yes Holt Hyde
Georgia Mary Engelbreit® Collection Yes Ann Estelle
Diya Fantasy Adventures Yes
Beth Faithful Friends Yes 1896
oakdale, IL
United States
Felicity Merriman BeForever, Mini Dolls Yes 1774
Williamsburg, VA
United States
Amanita Nightshade Monster High Yes
Victoria Antique Bratzillaz Yes
Nefera de Nile Monster High Yes Cleo De Nile
Jett Dynamite Girls Yes
Butter Cookie Strawberry Shortcake Yes Strawberry Shortcake
Kenley (Newberry) Newberry Yes
Ann Estelle Mary Engelbreit® Collection Yes
Madison My Scene Yes
Dexter Charming Ever After High Yes
Anne of Green Gables Maplelea Girls Yes 1878
Olivia My London Girl Yes
Vanessa Perrin Fashion Royalty Yes Veronique Perrin
Ben Descendants Yes
Saige Copeland Girl of the Year Yes 2013
Albuquerque , NM
United States
Dalia Cutie Pops Yes
Skipper Roberts Barbie Yes Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts


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